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Barbie & Jin 7.22.2018 Fairytale wedding-The Liberty Warehouse .

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

There are many different types of wedding venues. Some newlywed who love vintage style would look for historic venue, barn, and vineyard. What if the newlywed likes greenery? We would recommend garden/ tented/ or country club…

Now here comes the problem,

This time the newlywed had their eyes on Liberty Warehouse, which is a rustic warehouse but they don’t like rustic.

(photo source by Google)

I am going to share with you all of how a warehouse can turn into a fairytale wedding venue.

With only 4 months before their wedding date, the planning was very rushed since they were busy with their work schedule. There weren't much time for us to meet in person to settle things down.

The theme for the wedding is unicorn fairytale. We went to three castles thinking one of them could be the potential venue but Barbie, the bride, didn’t like any of them. But she loved Liberty Warehouse when we got there.

After doing the tour with them, they were pleased with everything the venue provided and decided to book it. At first, I was thinking greenery or rustic decoration and florist design would fit the venue . But Barbie insisted the theme to be Unicorn.

Four months, 180 guests, start from scratch, the bride hasn't search for any vendors and picked out her dress. This is going to be one of the toughest planning for me and my crew.

We can’t afford to waste any time in the first month, so I told Barbie to choose her wedding dress and evening gown ASAP. Based on the unicorn theme, I had contacted the designer, King, to handle this case. In 2 weeks, we finalized the logo and invitation card design after 6 revision.

In the second month, we have contacted the florist, lighting, entertainment, makeup, photographers, videographer and baker, etc. Everything is ready for the newlywed’s final confirmation.

The theme is unicorn, so the color needs to be fairy-like, pastel, and gradient. We settled with purple, pink, and blue. I really like the design of the envelope for the invitation which has unicorn icon with reflective engraving on the inside.

We used pink beach on the card because Liberty Warehouse is on the shore. In the middle of the logo, we put the initial of the newlywed, J & B ( Barbie and Jin) with rose gold engraving as a special effect on print.

When you open the card, you would find a pop up design of the newlywed in toy form. We used the pumpkin carriage as the background. The toy we used to represent them is Barbie doll and Shrek. Yes, Ken, you are not in the picture. Poor Jin, Barbie thinks you look like Shrek. Would this be the new characters of Toy Story 4?

At the same time, we had designed Save the Date/ timeline/ and map, along with a cute themed hand fan.

The newlywed were pleased with the design and we were able to finish everything within our schedule time. So they can send it to their guest three months prior to their wedding.

The bride hopes to enjoy the wedding with her guest, so she gave us a list of what she wants. How do we fit all her requirements in 10 hours. After a meeting with my crew, we all agreed that the wedding shouldn’t be a show and the newlywed need to enjoy her wedding as well. After a lot of communication, we have settled the rundown for the wedding with all the things she wanted, and yet she can still enjoy her wedding.

In the morning, we picked Brooklyn 1 hotel as their getting ready and first look place. The hotel its a modern hotel location in dumbo. The hotel room has the view of Brooklyn bridge and manhattan, which is a good photography spot.

The bride took my advice and used Anna Sui Unicorn perfume as bridesmaid gift. Jin also prepared a small gift and a DIY unicorn card. Barbie bursted into tears as she was reading the card.

We did the first look at the backyard of the hotel and the group photos at Brooklyn bridge park.

We arrived at the venue around 2pm via our Hummer limousine.

Just when everyone thought the ceremony its about to happen a taxi boat arrived. The newlywed had prepared a boat party for the guest. The vibe has soared before the official party has started.

Our original schedule for the ceremony its at 5pm. The weather has been unpleasant for the past few days. It even said it will rain at 4pm. But the newlywed insisted the ceremony must be outdoor. Without a thought, this is a challenging task. The rain was on schedule and started to pour at 4pm. The rain had destroyed half of the flower arch, all the chairs were wet, and all the guest had arrived. We can’t change the ceremony to indoor now since everyone it’s here, so after me and the manager of the venue had a quick meeting we decided to switch the cocktail and ceremony time to avoid the rain.

At last, the rain stopped and Barbie’s dream came true as she enter her ceremony in her pumpkin carriage with her father. Everyone was shocked and applause to welcome her. This is the first time for me to arrange a horse carriage by the ocean front. The horse is typically afraid of water but the horse did a good job and remain calm and proceed with the plan. And yes, we did it! A fairytale wedding in the city.

Next, I would like to share the decoration and design of this wedding.

Welcome board

We did three welcome board to direct the guest – valet parking / on boat / ceremony

The ceremony flower arch is made with white cherry blossom tree as the base and paired with roses and Hydrangea

In front of the reception, there is an open space for us to use it for welcome station and a flower wall that we built.

J&B Logo Lightbox

Balloon made unicorn

These were very popular for the guest to take pictures and share it to instagram and facebook.

As for the table list, we used a large classic mirror and flowers.

Reception Area

The ceiling were covered with fairy light and the tall centerpiece of large flowers made the theme stand out very much. The color spacing and the design of it were handcrafted by me .

We gave a small set of dry flower with the fan as gift for the guest.

The name card is the shape of a butterfly and can be put onto their glass.

Fresh flowers were used to make the runner for the sweetheart table.

We designed a monogram at the center of the stage with their name on it.

After the cake cutting, we ended the wedding with a sparker arch made by the guest.

Even though the wedding was very hectic and last min, I still enjoy the challenge and pleased with the result. Just like the newlywed, they know what they want and able to adopt new ideas. Anything it's possible. Who said warehouse can only do rustic theme, it can also be fairytale as well.

Credit :

Wedding Planner : Kris Lau Coordinator : Angel Su

Makeup Artist : Vicky Lin Photographer : Kevin Koo Spike LI

Videographer: Jms Lee & Steven Grapher Designer : King Chan

Florist: Flower by Brian Venue : The Liberty Warehouse

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