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The Riverside Church

The Riverside Church located in Manhattan Upper West Side was built in 1841 and is a magnificent building overlooking the Hudson River. What is different about this church is that this is a non-religious church. The church doesn’t require you to believe in a religion or belong to a certain parish in order to hold weddings. Even same-sex marriage can be held here. Nave is the main hall of the church and can accommodate up to 1,900 people. There are also small ceremonies in Christ and Meditation halls. The price is relatively cheaper. At the same time, the church also offers a number of venues for wedding banquets, such as the Assembly Hall, if you like, you can hold banquet here after the ceremony. The Nave Hall costs $3,700, including the priest, musician, red carpet, and candle are all in one. The smallest hall can be used for a very private wedding ceremony for $1000.

This time, the bride and groom met when they were in New York for school. After graduation, they went back to Shanghai to work. But both of them really like New York, the city that made them meet and fall in love. When they were living in the city, the couple often took walks together in the Riverside Park and they would always pass the church. The bride always wanted to have her wedding ceremony in this solemn cathedral. Although neither of them is religious, it is not going to be an issue since Riverside Church does not require religious beliefs to hold a ceremony here. The hard work pays off. When the two have graduated from New York, they contacted us through miles away. After several meetings, the newlywed decided to have us-makeup, photography and cinematograph to witness the grandeur of this significance wedding. The wedding is relatively small but sweet, and all the important guests arrived. Friends for life, both parents and relatives have witnessed this moment. Together, we made the dream of the bride came true.

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